Quite simply, Fullerton councilmen Pat McKinley, Dick Jones and Don Bankhead have failed to lead. This failure has resulted in wasted resources, public strife and a complete loss of trust amongst Fullerton residents.

On June 5th, you will have the opportunity to replace these three councilman with fresh leadership. Here’s why you should vote to recall McKinley, Jones and Bankhead:

1. Union Money

Councilmen Pat McKinley, Dick Jones and Don Bankhead were elected with the endorsement of the Fullerton Police Officer’s Association (a public employee union) and have long supported policy and contracts which placed the special interests of the police unions and staff over the interests and safety of the community.  Their lack of leadership has helped create a culture of corruption in the Fullerton Police Department, culminating in the killing of an unarmed, mentally ill homeless man, Kelly Thomas.  Currently, the City of Fullerton is the object of ridicule the world over.

2. Lack of Transparency

They actively opposed the rights of Fullerton citizens in claiming that the decision to release a publicly owned video of the Kelly Thomas beating should be left in the hands of the authorities.

3. The Illegal Water Tax

McKinley, Jones and Bankhead have supported expenditures to expand an illegal tax disguised as a “franchise fee” on the water bills of Fullerton residents.  This illegal tax has collected millions of dollars that has in part, gone to support McKinley’s enormous pension. Read more…

4. Fiscal Mismanagement

McKinley, Jones and Bankhead have supported the wasteful Fullerton Redevelopment Agency which has reduced revenues to the General Fund including police, fire, schools and infrastructure maintenance.  Redevelopment in Fullerton has led to the enrichment of individual donor/developers who exploit Fullerton taxpayers.

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