Who is Behind The Fullerton Recall?

There are many, many passionate individuals who have come together to drive this recall forward and make Fullerton a better place to live.

There were 31 individuals who answered the call to action to sign on as “sponsors” of our recall within 2 hours of posting the notice.  See their names on the notices of recall to the right.

Nearly 350 registrants have offered their information both as volunteers and signors of the future petitions which we hope are approved for signature gathering in the next 30 days or so.

Additionally, there are hundreds and hundreds of individuals who have attended protests and candlelight vigils both in opposition to the closed government policies exhibited by the City of Fullerton and the Fullerton PD as well as in support of the family and memory of Kelly Thomas.

There are also the thousands and thousands of Fullerton voters who will sign petitions and ultimately vote based upon either the implications of this tragedy, or additionally because of the public employee unions first / anti-taxpayer policies that this city council has exhibited for decades.

Finally, the recall effort will be run by the dozens of new and inspired leaders who will emerge as signature team captains, street sign installers, precinct walkers and donors who will make the ground campaign of this effort unlike anything Fullerton has ever seen.

The Principal Officer of the Committee is Fullerton business owner and FullertonsFuture.org blogger, Tony Bushala. The Treasurer is Helen Myers of Anaheim.  Under Tony and Helen’s direction, Fullerton resident and business owner Chris Thompson is administrating various aspects of the day to day operations of the Campaign.  The Friends for Fullertons Future blogger Travis Kiger is a key strategic adviser.

The Fullerton Recall Committee has been launched with the FPPC as the “Committee Supporting the Recall of Pat McKinley, Don Bankhead and F. Richard “Dick” Jones.”

Please join our team!

Contact the Fullerton Recall Committee – recall@fullertonrecall.com


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