For a month after the police killing of Kelly Thomas in Fullerton, Mayor Dick Jones, along with councilmembers Don Bankhead and Pat McKinley, failed to remove the officers involved from duty.

If you can stomach it, watch the heart-wrenching video here:

Kelly Thomas was a 37 year old homeless man suffering from schizophrenia, and living on the streets of Fullerton, California. He was fatally beaten by members of the Fullerton Police Department on July 5, 2011.

On July 5, 2011, at about 8:30 PM, officers of the Fullerton Police Department responded to a call of someone vandalizing cars near the Fullerton Transportation Center. While investigating, they encountered Thomas and attempted to search him. According to statements given by the officers, Thomas was uncooperative and became physical when they attempted to search him, so backup was called. The officers then began to repeatedly shock Thomas with Tasers, beat him with the butts of the Tasers and flashlights, and slam him into the ground.

A video of the event surfaced, and Thomas can be heard repeatedly screaming in pain while they shock him (up to five times according to a witness statement) in the video, and screaming for his father.

A total of six officers were involved in subduing Thomas, who was unarmed and has a history of mental illness. Thomas was then taken to the UC Irvine Medical Center with severe injuries to his head, face, and neck. He died five days later.

Footage from an OCTA bus was released showing the reaction of several eyewitnesses:

Additionally, a disturbing photograph of the beating victim’s injuries was shown, causing widespread public outrage against the Fullerton Police Department.

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